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Autograph Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

Virtual Framing stands behind the authenticity of the items we sell. We only offer items we’re confident are genuine. The warranty of authenticity and 100% money back guarantee, pertaining to the memorabilia item outlined on the front of this certificate, is a limited warranty. You the buyer understand that this memorabilia item has been determined to be authentic solely by Virtual Framing.
We will accept this item for return for any reason within sixty (60) calendar days following the date or purchase reflected on the sales receipt. The item and its original framing, if applicable must be returned along with the original certificate of authenticity bearing the original buyer’s signature as well as Virtual Framing’s representative. If any of the above criteria are not met, the item will not be accepted for return and no part of this return policy will be valid. Shipping costs and third-party opinions of authenticity obtained by the buyer are not subject to refund or reimbursement. All shipping costs involved in the return of this item will be the responsibility of the original buyer.
After sixty (60) days all sales are final. We are confident in the authenticity of our items and encourage you to have your item looked at by an authenticator of your choice during this sixty (60) day period if desire a second opinion. We will not engage in conflicting expert opinions as to an items authenticity and we will not offer any refunds after the sixty (60) day period has elapsed. We will not accept contrary opinions as to the item’s authenticity regardless of the perceived qualifications of the “expert”. We may not provide you with a third-party letter of authenticity. We generally feel a third-party authenticator cannot truly be impartial when receiving large sums of money to authenticate items for a dealer. This is why we give all our buyers sixty (60) days to obtain a non-biased opinion by an authenticator of their choice if the buyer feels this third-party opinion necessary. There will be no returns for any reason after sixty (60) days of purchase. Any return or refund of this item is the sole discretion of Virtual Framing.
Understand, autographed items should never be placed under direct lighting, artificial or natural for extended periods of time as the UV light will adversely affect the autograph and it will fade. Virtual Framing is not responsible for any fading or damage to any item once it is in the possession of the buyer.